Monday, 26 April 2010

Off My Chest

Few things to get [Post Title]:

DRM - All DRM is complete and utter crap. All forms of it. Hackers are gonna hack it, and then all your left with is some pretty peeved consumers, (or a lack thereof) unable to freely play the game they legitamately purchased, whilst the pirates happily play their copy for free and without the hassles.

Downloadable Content - DLC is - majoratively - produced after the main game software is completed, and get the consumer extra content and the developer extra money. Simple enough, no? But when company's decide to finish a product and then:
  1. Lock some of the content from being accessed despite you having rightfully bought it and then having to use a code to unlock it or
  2. Cut some content from the finished product solely for the intention of selling it back to us at extra cost...
That's pretty damned wrong. If the game is complete, do not take stuff out just to create DLC, that's just greedy. And if I buy a game on disc, I expect to be able to access the entirety of that content at no extra charge. These are simple things to grasp!

Exclusives - It seems that there is now no longer a clear definition of what an "Exclusive" is in the video game world. Journalists have generally taken to having to ask developers if they mean an Exclusive "Exclusive", or a Timed "Exclusive". Rockstar seem to be most guilty of this with the Episodes From Liberty City expansions, which although "exclusive" to the 360 and PC, are now on the PS3.

So basically, an "Exclusive" is bought, but an Exclusive isn't. Glad that makes sense.

Ubisoft - Oh boy... Ubisoft, you are in trouble enough for the crappy DRM thing (Annoying, but hacked within 24 hours), but now there's this Splinter Cell: Conviction thing. When questioned about a PS3 release of the game, a Ubi rep said that it was "A true Microsoft Exclusive" and that one of the reasons was due to the franchise and Microsoft having a "link of heart"... What? All the other Splinter Cell games have been entirely Multi Platform! Being on the PS2 and Gamecube, then the Wii and PS3, even the DS and PSP! How is that a "link of heart" to any one of those companies?

Whatever. I'm gonna finish this post before I get carried away. Feel free to comment on these and other things, or just to get something off your chest. - XW



Okay, here's the obligatory introduction post outlining who I am and what I'm doing here as if it's me who's visiting this site.

Hello, I'm Xaos Wolf (as far as you know) and this will be a blog mainly devoted to Video Games and things that revolve around video games, and also probably a handful of personal things too.

This'll be the third time of starting a blog, but the other 2 times were absolute sh before I had a 12 hour shift to get through.

So whatever. Stick around, comment, make yourselves comfortable, and I'll make with the posts.

~ XW ~